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Leading in Crisis

A time of crisis is the truest test of leadership.

Right now the best use of our time is threefold.

1.         Create and channel sustained energy (physical and mental).
2.         Create clarity
3.         Reestablish a rhythm.

As you are thinking about your goals/focus for this quarter, please consider these three areas and how they can be applied to your department.

Channeled Energy – Physical – encourage your employees to take good care of themselves (get good sleep, eat right, get exercise). Mental is a greater challenge. Energy follows attention (a wonderful value of goals).  Focus on the areas that matter, things you can control. Don’t waste energy on things you can’t control. As a leader, filter what your team is looking at, focusing on, to maximize this time we have been given before things get crazy good busy again.

Create Clarity – Your Rocks should focus on how to move forward and manage through the crisis. What are the top things/projects that the employees should be focused on now? As people have some extra time, what are the most productive things they can be doing for the short and long term good of the company? See my email entitled L10 – Reflection (3/24) for ideas.

Rhythm – We all have a routine or pattern as to how we manage our time throughout our business day. This has been disrupted. How do you establish a new, consciously decided, productive new pattern/routine? How can you support your team to do so also?