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Things are slowing down. What do we do now?

If you had a crystal ball and knew for 100% certainty the length of time of this situation (Coronavirus crisis), guided by your Core Values, what would you do with your department and the company? Let’s assume that after this timeframe, things returned back to normal and you are busier than ever, record business and profits.

The best-run companies during downtimes take time to strategically reflect and focus internally because there is less time to do so doing the crazy busy good times.

Focus, planning and communication are the best defense to FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

It’s important to write down your goals (company, department and individual levels) for this down timeframe, and track and celebrate accomplishments. When done well, on the other side of this timeframe, the company will be even stronger, energized, focused and prepared to take advantage of the next high growth period.

What could you be doing with your existing staff if things are slower?

•   Get organized (files, emails, etc.)

•   Dream and plan, what could be?

•   Getting the important, but just don’t have time to get to it things: documenting, checklists, etc.

•   Leadership training, job skills training, cross-training, industry training, etc.

•   Teambuilding (in-person and/or virtually)

•   Research innovative ideas

•   Evaluate how you spend your time, what could you be doing differently

•   Look at your job/role with fresh eyes, how can you take your position to the next level, be even more effective (ask your team to do so also)

•   Investigate workflows for scalability and efficiencies

•   Review procedures for compliance and productivity

•   Catch up and get ahead

•   Create short term projects with deadlines and goals that would be valuable but you would normally would not have time for