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Board Advisory Services

High-performing boards are strategically focused, engaged, and agile.  Organizational Dynamics Consulting provides practical, unbiased guidance on the critical aspects of board effectiveness.  We evaluate your business holistically and provide a comprehensive view of your board and leadership bench. We deliver actionable results-oriented solutions for today’s most pressing needs while helping you anticipate and prepare for future opportunities and challenges.

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Board and CEO Succession – Making a seamless transition.

We work with board chairs and CEOs on succession planning.  This can include creating new plans; reviewing existing plans; and revising or updating plans to ensure they meet best practice standards. When the time comes to implement the succession plan, we partner with you to mitigate risk and ensure a smooth, successful transition.

New CEO Leader Ease-In – Ensuring a successful transition.

We partner with the board and the new CEO to create a succession transition for the Board, the new CEO their Leadership Team. This can include setting expectations for success for the new CEO including performance metrics. Support the new CEO by helping them objectively evaluate their new Leadership Team’s skills, emotional intelligence, and experience. Proactively support the new CEO and their team in shortening the learning curve to high team cohesion.

Board Culture and Performance – Increasing Effectiveness and Engagement

Alignment, trust, and engagement between the board and management, effective board and committee processes and structures, and attention to board composition and experiences, are all critical to high-functioning boards.  Organizational Dynamics Consulting is an independent, neutral third party with the expertise, discretion, and sensitivity to assist your board and CEO to address its most challenging issues, efficiently and effectively.  This supports your board and organization to demonstrate and maintain the highest standards of performance and effectiveness.

Learn more about how Organizational Dynamics Consulting can help your organization prepare for its future success.  Contact us for a free consultation at info@orgdynconsulting.com or 407-681-6300.