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Facilitation & Retreats

How do you ensure a successful strategic planning meeting, leadership retreat, or integration of a new executive into the organization?


Organizational Dynamics Consulting has extensive experience assisting clients in developing a clear, practical strategic plan with measurable results.  This can include strategic visioning and planning; establishing vision, mission and values; and strategic goals and objectives including how to ensure alignment and accountability.  The planning process steps include pre-planning interviews, surveys, and SWOT analysis along with post-strategy session follow-up and feedback.

Organizational Dynamics Consulting has a broad base of experience in facilitating both small and large (over 125 attendees) Leadership Conferences/Retreats.  In our role as facilitator, our goal is to encourage creative thinking, strengthen relationships, and increase problem solving and leadership skills. The results will provide high impact ideas to create systems that will optimize the greatest potential of the company.

An Executive Ease-in is a tailored facilitation session for leaders stepping into a new role to help establish the foundation for trust and communication between that leader and his/her team. It provides leaders with feedback on their team’s expectations, challenges and needs.  It also assists leaders in communicating with their new team, their expectations and leadership style.

Learn more about how Organizational Dynamics Consulting can facilitate your next strategic planning session, corporate retreat, or Executive Ease-In. Contact us for a free consultation at info@orgdynconsulting.com or 407-681-6300.