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What creates happiness and fulfillment at work?

In one word, “Alignment”.

Alignment to your purpose, your vision for your life and what you are meant to contribute. Yes, everyone has purpose, even if you are not aware of it in this moment. Even if you may not be fully honoring it, it is still there waiting patiently.

Align what you do with your strengths, gifts and talents. But don’t stop there. Achieve mastery.  Take what is unique and special about you and grow it to its full potential.

Align with others.  Our connectedness, sense of belonging, is core to being human; even if we sometimes forget.  Research consistently that productive longevity and happiness is directly correlated to how strong our sense of belonging is to a community.  Unfortunately, many of us live quite separated.

So what does alignment look like at work?

We start with the right job match.  What our job requires matches our skills, gifts, talents, our natural behaviors, beliefs and values.

We understand our job expectations.  We are given the autonomy and freedom to decide how best to get our work done.  In other words, we are provided an idea of the destination and we get to decide our journey or how we get there.

Next is mastery. Being the very best at what we do. If what we do is in aligned with who we are, there is a natural urge to grow, to explore.  Mastery can’t be provided by another, only supported.  You are responsible for the “how”.

Then, create a connected environment, where you support others and are support.  Challenge others to excel and be opened to be challenged, to stretch belong the confinements of current thinking. Be open and trusting; be trustworthy.

So how do we make this happen?

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.  Albert Einstein said it well, “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

So it starts with you.  Understanding your baseline, your current way of thinking, beliefs and attitudes and then expanding them.  Adding the tools, guidance and support to break through self-created limitations to realizing your full potential.  This is not a destination but a life long journey.  A challenging but joyful journey.

Next steps?

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Other information

Professional coaching provides focused, private, confidential, and experienced support to successful leaders and individuals.  Those committed to performing at their best and living their lives to the fullest, receive the greatest benefit.

Our strengths-based approach identifies and focuses on an individual’s talents, gifts, and strengths to assist them in developing and utilizing these to their highest level. Derailers are also identified in order to be reduced and/or eliminated.  Studies show that coaching can create double-digit increases in productivity and a return on investment of over $5 for every $1 spent.

Some of the benefits of coaching are:

  • Identifying and honing skills
  • Understanding and minimizing areas holding you back (derailers)
  • Creating a greater sense of direction and purpose in career and personal life
  • Managing better work/life balance
  • Creating a more fulfilling and successful career
  • Increasing clarity, focus, and perspective.

Organizational Dynamics Consulting is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  We honor and adhere to the ICF’s Code of Ethics and Standards.  Our coaches are accredited and certified by the ICF for excellence in coaching.


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