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Hiring Only The Best

How do you objectively and accurately determine if you are hiring or promoting the right person?

One of the greatest challenges in businesses today is how to do more with less, obtaining the highest level of productivity and profitability with fewer employees and resources.  Hiring only the best, most productive employees is critical to meet this challenge.Hire Right -S

According to a study combining 85 years of research, the hiring accuracy using traditional hiring methods ranges from 38% to 51%.  This includes the traditional phone screen and face to face meetings and reference checking.  These subjective screening methods can lead to poor and costly decisions.

To promote the right person, studies also show that the validity of current job experience in predicting future job performance is 18%.  Promoting your best employees is not always in the employees’ or the organization’s best interests.

As part of Organizational Dynamics’ Corporate Performance Improvement Methodology (CPIM), the Optimal Job Performance Model provides a proven, objective model to ensure “the right people on the bus and in the right seat.”  (Jim Collins, Good to Great)

Our clients have seen their hiring and promotion accuracy increase to over 90%.

These processes are customized to your company’s unique requirements to determine the key attributes necessary for success in the job.  They objectively evaluate each candidate to determine the level of match to the job for a hire/no hire decision or to determine readiness for promotion.

Understanding the gap between what’s needed for success in the job and the person’s level of skills and attributes allows more accurate and predictable hiring and promoting.  Bridging the gap by utilizing a talent development plan with training and coaching, can help your employees utilize their full potential and attain the maximum level of performance and satisfaction in their jobs.

Why is this important? 

The number one reason a new hire or a newly promoted employee fails is poor fit between the job and the person.  This is especially important for leadership positions.  Studies show that 40% of new managers fail within 18 months; 65% of senior management fail within 24 months.

Better matches between the job and the person lead to:

  • Increased company profitability
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Reduced turnover, better retention
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction
  • Greater levels of sustained motivation
  • Increased innovation and competitive advantage
  • Improved customer service and client retention


Learn more about how Organizational Dynamics Consulting can help your organization objectively and accurately hire and promote the best in Florida or across the nation.  Contact us for a free consultation at info@orgdynconsulting.com or 407-681-6300.