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“Mary has been instrumental in helping OUC management develop and implement a plan to carry our organization into the future.  OUC has a long history of providing essential utility services to its customers in an affordable and efficient manner and changing the culture to adapt to the future demands of the utility industry was not an easy task.  Mary was able to convince even the most cynical members of our staff how essential it is to OUC’s continued success to adapt its strategic planning process and the skills of its employees to meet the changing needs of the utility industry. ”

Chris Browder
Vice President & General Counsel
Orlando Utility Commission





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“Organizational Dynamics Consulting is a great partner when it comes to personality testing and outsourcing of various parts of human resources for small businesses with less than 50 employees. Most small firms cannot afford hiring mistakes since they are expensive and damage the culture of the firm. While she does much more than what we use her for, I can attest first hand that she provides good value for personality testing of both prospective and existing employees. Her service is particularly valuable for hiring salespeople. Easy to recommend…”

                                                                  Steve Curley
                                                                                    WaterOak Advisors




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“As always, we greatly appreciate Mary’s help with our annual survey and the other things she does for us at Ace Electric.  Mary has a thorough understanding of the company and the personality traits that make up the leadership and other key personnel.   Her third party view is a significant benefit in developing the strategy for continued improvement at Ace Electric.”

                                               Bobby Stalvey
                                                                                    Ace Electric






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“When I met Mary Homan, I was going through difficult challenges in my personal life and starting a new career.  I used to consider myself as a very optimistic person and believed that my ‘positive attitude’ was all I needed to resolve my problems.  Mary’s coaching and guidance helped me realize that I was hiding behind my ‘positive mentality’ and helped me confront my fears and insecurities.  She also taught me how to think as a strategic and mindful leader, set the right expectations and work harmoniously with different types of personalities.   I’m very grateful to have Mary as one of my most trusted mentors. Her coaching and training have helped me become a more conscious individual and professional.”

Gaby Ortigoni
Vice President – Central Florida
Hispanic Business Initiative Fund (HBIF)